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Mestre do Hacker Aki 1 Hacker b1-Abra o jogo, logue em seu char e abra o Cheat Engine. 2-Compre os 4 Sieges que você deseja usar como Amulet/ring. 3-Abra seu ba10 T1 + Blue Stone = T210 T2 + Blue Stone = T310 T3 + Blue Stone = T4Thanks for not guff about crappy quality of this video...Support my patreonhttps://www.p...Welcome Gift 20~30 NPCNC-49001 31 lv defense armor exchange coupon / Punishment Jade Master of Magnetism 20~30 Expensive Normal Weapon NPC AR14 - 31 - 0496

(RF Online) Make T3 with Blue Stone - YouTube

The little dictionary of fashion pdf; The human animal desmond morris pdf; Online convet to word to pdf; How to make changes in pdf file; Pregnancy and islamic malayalam pdf booksThere are three types of NPC quests, the 1st Quest is good for levels 20 to 50, the 2nd quests available for level 51 to 55 and the last is the Repeatable quests wherein you can go to the NPC time...VÍDEO ATUALIZADO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5Jf4XQaXGUNOVO SERVER DE RF INICIADO EM 2020:4Game OMEGA: https://bit.ly/39uNMbbJoias T1 são : Ruby, Topa...

(RF Online) Make T3 with Blue Stone - YouTube


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Quest name: Pledge of DedicationLevel: 20~30NPC: Tribunal RepresentativeUltimate Reward Item. 2000HP potion 99 pcs. / 500FP potion 99 pcs.

First Aid20~30Armor NPC NC-5874New buffer potion (attack / defense / HP 10% increase) 99 set

Welcome Gift20~30NPCNC-4900131 lv defense armor exchange coupon / Punishment Jade

Master of Magnetism20~30Expensive Normal Weapon NPC AR14 - 31 - 0496Select one between 40% attack increase potion 30 pcs. / 40% defense increase potion 30 pcs

Corite conspiracy25~35Assistant AS01-R1-113135 lv defense armor exchange coupon

Inspecting the Crash30~40Veteran AS01-R1-3814Training grade B ignorance upgrader 1-7(exclusive for 35 lv)

Traces of War30~40Veteran XIgnorance Talic 1 pc / Grace Talic 1 pc

Ruins of Snatcher30~40NPC NC-49001EXP recovery capsule (E) + Ether ticket 10 pcs.

Emerging Threat30~40Race ManagerTime-limit bouquet + 10% EXP 1 week (jade of abundance & overlapping possible)

Calliana Picture Book35~40NPC PotyCalliana symbol

Stranger in the Desert40~50Portal info NPC GarrungBlack Sparking Stone 5 pcs. / Accretian Letter of Appointment 1 pc / 45 lv grade B weapon / 3.5 million

Sealing Reagents40~50Race ManagerEXP potion (5%) / 2 million

Split Information40~50Race ManagerElan highland scroll 5 pcs / Cesar’s box 1 pc / 3.5 million

Inspecting Herodian’s minion40~50Mysterious Mineral NPC CR-T347 lv grade B gloves / 2 million

Representative of the Mainland40~50Tribunal Representative47 lv grade B pants / 2.5 million

Owner of Elan40~50Race manager47 lv grade B shirts / 2 million

Enemy’s accessory40~50Accretian Empire Discussion Representative47 lv grade shoe / 2.5 million

Weave Energy of the Settlement40~50Mineral Handling NPC NC-13567Rebirth Talic 2 pcs / 3 million

King Crook removal40~50NPC NC-57571BDarkness Talic 2 pcs / 2.5 million

King Crook hunting40~50NPC NC-854125Grace Talic 2 pcs / 2 million

Redeeming a Guild’s Honor40~50Guild Manager NC-255Small reward box 1 pc / 3 million

X’s Request40~50Charger NPC NC-90018AMercy Talic 2 pcs / 2.5 million

Emerging of little Lizard Khan40~50Charger NPC NC-5985Favor Talic 2 pcs / 2.5 million

Mineral people’s secret45~55Mineral Handling NPC NC-69800Mine scroll 5 pcs / Ignorance Talic 2 pcs / 2.5 million

- 2nd Quests

Discovering Caravans51~55Guild Manger NC-25553 lv reward box (select 1) / 4 million

Calliana hologram51~55Hologram activator 1 fleetKartella pass 1 pc / 5 million

Turncoat Accretians52~55Kartella NPC JobtyWeapon of Black Sign / 10 million

Dragon’s Test51~55Imperial Dragon KnightsClean water of nasal 5 pcs / 50 lv reward box (select 1) / 10 million

Destruction of Evidence51~55Tribunal RepresentativeBeast's mountain scroll 10 pcs / 4 million

A Secret Request51~55NPC NC-49001Select 1 between 40% attack increase potion 50 pcs / 40% defense increase potion 50 pcs / 5 million

Records of The Black Sign54~55Armor NPC NC-110110BSelect (50 days) 1 between burst / protect generator / 5 million

Suspicious race54~55Weapon NPC NC-27801BOutcast Land scroll 10 pcs / 7.5 million

Elven safety54~55Vengeful Spirit Box Nazal’s Evil MindBerserker's Potion 50 pcs / 5 million

Novajan’s Demolition Operation54~55Tribunal RepresentativeNovajans’ seal / 5 million

- High-level Repeatable Quest

Operation-N51~55Devotee AS01-R1-33814EXP potion (1.5%)

Mineral vein information51~55Expensive rare weapon NPC RockwellEXP potion (1.5%)

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